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If the partition is full and can’t provide free try this kyocera driver space to perform tasks and access data, various error may come up. These two files are critical in operating system; meanwhile they are very likely to be the very reason of the error. Winlogon.exe is in charge of handling the login and logout processes, and Csrss.exe is part of Microsoft Client or Server ‘Runtime Server Subsystem’. When one of them is deleted or fails to work, computer stops and reports the stop error. Well, some users managed to solve the problem by installing an older Windows iteration, then upgrading to Windows 10 using the media creation tool.

Expand Windows Update and click on Run the troubleshooter. This will automatically check for faults and fix them for you. The steps below will guide you on how to check the progress. I agree to receive email communications from Progress Software or its Partners, containing information about Progress Software’s products. I acknowledge my data will be used in accordance with Progress’ Privacy Policy and understand I may withdraw my consent at any time. If this tool was a trusted and reputable anti-virus program, I think many of us would think about switching vendors.

  • And then, move the restored data to the hard drive.
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  • Ccleaner isn’t just a registry cleaner program, as it doesn’t only optimize registry.
  • It’s a problem that plagues anyone who’s unfortunate enough to encounter it, and it’s a very real possibility for anyone who uses a hard drive.

You can fix it with the methods in this post, as they have helped other users with this problem. Before we look at ways to repair your damaged hard drive, we’re going to cover what you can do to recover your data beforehand. Some methods used to fix a corrupted hard drive may involve the deletion of your data, so recovering what data you can now prevent some loss. In Windows 8 and 10, Windows may inform you that it hasn’t found any errors on the drive. You can still perform a manual scan by clicking “Scan drive.” This will first perform a scan without attempting any repairs, so it will not restart your PC at this point.

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Insert DVD and use any third-party burning tool to create the bootable Windows 10 DVD. We can only suspect what is the reason for this critical error, so we’ve gathered various solutions below in order to tick all the boxes. The gravity of this error means that it’s hard to address it, especially if you already formatted your system partition before the error occured. If nothing above helps you to fix stop code 0xc000021a on your Windows 10 PC, then you can consider reinstalling Windows OS. If you’ve enabled restore in your Windows PC, then you can restore your computer to an earlier version and this will fix the issue. Once the scan is completed, check if the error is still there.

We are going to discuss some easy and different solutions for this particular error code. I tried everything in the advanced options and I can’t reset it or take everything off the hard drives and I can’t format one of the hard drives because it’s write-protected. Let us first check out the causes for the error so that we would be able to address them adequately. One of the Software or drivers may be misconfigured. It can stop the driver from loading correctly and cause the error.

Why You’re Getting Script Errors

Physically damaged hard drives must be replaced, but some bad sectors are caused by logical problems or software corruption. Each version of Windows OS has a slightly different procedure for fixing bad sectors. Start by selecting “This computer” from the menu.

Second Method: Booting Windows Without the Driver Signature Enforcement Feature

The tool has a pretty good record of repairing minor corruption and missing problems with the hard drive. The Windows was unable to repair the drive error can suddenly occur with either external or internal drives. This is usually not an issue, as most disks run fine with the default windows drivers.