POETIC  BOOKS                             

“Psalms for you” (Sukhumi, “Alashara” Publishing House, 1978, 44 pgs.)

“Peace to this House” (Sukhumi, “Alashara”, 1982, 60 pgs.)

“Unintentional Implorings” (Tbilisi, “Merani”, 1984, 86 pgs.)

“Call on the Rain” (Sukhumi, „Alashara” , 1984, 78 pgs.)

„Seven Pictures for a Child” (Sukhumi, „Alashara“, 1986, 82 pgs.)

„Midnight Tree” (Tbilisi, „Merani“, 1990, 100 pgs.)

„The Key of the Sea” (Sukhumi, „Alashara”, 1991, 140 pgs.)

„Sonata on Sukhumi and You” (Tbilisi, „Merani”, 1994, 34 pgs.)

Single Volume of poetry „Psalms for You “(Tbilisi, 2013, 306 pgs.)

„One Hundred Verses” (Tbilisi, “Intellect“, 2014, 146 pgs.)


„Salamiyah” (Sukhumi, „Alashara”, 1988, 162 pgs.)


 „The Pass of the Persecuted” (Tbilisi, „Lomisi”, 1993, 64 pgs.)

“Rain Expected in Sukhumi” (Tbilisi, „Lomisi”, 1997, 132 pgs.)


“Return to Sukhumi” (Tbilisi, „Merani”, 1995, 276 pgs.)

„ Black Sea ocean” (Tbilisi, „Merani”, 2000, 440 pgs.)

„The President’s Cat” (Tbilisi, „Universali”, 2008, 228 pgs.)

“The Cyclops Bomb” (Tbilisi, „Phorma” 2009, 144 pgs.)

“Togetherwithoutyou” (Tbilisi, „Intellect”, 2019, 332 pgs.)


 “Planet of Alienation” (Tbilisi, “Caucasian House”, 2007, 72 pgs.)

Documentary-publicist recordings “Transfusion of the Soul” (Tbilisi, “Intellect”, 2012 234 pgs.)


„… The Far Away Sea” (Tbilisi, 2005) 


 Daur Nachkebia (famous Abkhazian writer) novel “Night Shore” (Tbilisi, “Family Library”, 2011)


“Much More Than Solidarity” (2020)


The Pass of the Persecuted. TheThe Kingdom of the Netherlands (Holland). Hague. 2022  U2PI (66 pg)

The President’s Cat. Germany. Berlin. KLAK Verlag. 2022 (186 pg) 

The President’s Cat. Romania. Iasi. PERFORMANTICA. 2021 (220 pg) 

“The president’s cat”. China. Shanghai. FOREIGN LITERATURE PUBLISHING HOUSE. 2019 (310 page)

“The President’s Cat”. The Kingdom of the Netherlands (Holland). Hague.  U2PI. 2017 (220 pg)

“The pass of the persecuted”. Germany. Frankfurt. REICHERT VERLAG. 2015 (64 pg)

“Georgia. Tbilisi. Rustaveli Avenue”.  Germany. Frankfurt. REICHERT VERLAG. 2018 (104 pg)

“From unsended letters”. Russia. Moscow. SOVETSKI PISATEL. 1991 (190 pg)

“The president’s cat”. Slovakia. Bratislava. SLOVART. 2015 (174 pg)

“The president’s cat”. Azerbaijan. Baku. BILIK. 2017. (208 pg)

“The president’s cat”. Czech Republic. Prague. JONATHAN LIVINGSTON. 2017 (188 pg)

“The President’s cat”.  Estonia. Tallinn. MTU OTAKU. 2017 (190 pg)

“The president’s cat”. Hungary. Budapest. L’ HARMATTAN.  2017 (208 pg)

“The president’s cat”. Armenia Yerevan. ANTARES. 2016 (228 pg)

“The president’s cat”.  Azerbaijan. Baku.  GANUN. 2018 (288 pg)

“The President’s Cat”. Ukraine. Kiev.  UKRAINSKI PISMENIK. 2016 (190 pg)

“Rain expected in Sukhumi”. Ukraine. Lvov. VIDAVNITSTVO ANNET ANTONENKO. 2015 (172 pg)

“The pass of the persecuted”. Czech Republic. Prague. JONATHAN LIVINGSTON. 2018 (74 pg)

“The president’s cat”. (In Abkhazian language). Tbilisi. INTELEQTI. 2017 (198 pg)

“Georgia. Tbilisi. Rustaveli Avenue”. Russia. Moscow. KULTURNAIA REVOLUTSIA. 2018 (156 pg)

“From unsended letters”. Poems.  Armenia. Yerevan. UWA. 2016. (160 pg)

Collection of Novels (“Return to Sukhumi”, “President’s Cat” and “The Cyclops Bomb”). Russia. Moscow. KULTURNAIA REVOLUTCIA. 2016 (472 pg)

“The pass of the persecuted”. (In English language). Georgia. Tbilisi. 2013 (74 pg)

“The pass of the persecuted”. (In English language). Georgia. Tbilisi. 1997 (72 pg)

“Boat mooring”. (Play. In Russian language). Georgia. Tbilisi. SAARI. 2006 (112 pg)

“Planet of alienation”. (In Russian language). Georgia. Tbilisi. KAVKAZSKI DOM. 2007 (96 pg )

“Return to Sukhumi”. (In Russian language).  Georgia. Tbilisi. MERANI. 1997 (210 pg)

“The president’s cat”. (In Russian language). Georgia. Tbilisi. 2008 (210 pg)

“The nephew” (In Russian language). Georgia. Tbilisi. LITERATURNAIA GRUZIA. 1999 (48 pg)